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If you require a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training or Transport Management courses on the Isle of Wight or in Hampshire, get in touch with Island Transport Consultants. With over 50 years of experience in driver training and transport management, you can count on our skilled partnership to ensure that your company is meeting the legal standards and achieving ‘Best Practice’. Our Driver CPC and Transport Management courses are also complemented by refresher courses, transport system audits, driver assessments and inductions, along with external transport management. These services are provided in order to ensure compliance with industry regulations for safety, drivers management record keeping and maintenance records. All transport professional drivers of LGV/HGV driving for hire or reward are required to undergo 35 hours of CPC training every five years. We aim to provide courses that enable drivers and companies to meet these requirements in a way that suits them.

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Island Transport Consultants run Transport Management courses and Driver CPC on the Isle of Wight and in Hampshire for groups of up to 20 people. So if you or your company require training, give us a call and book the course that you need today.

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About Island Transport Consultants

 We are a partnership company that possesses the ideal blend of experience when it comes to Driver CPC training and Transport Management. Working as a well-drilled duo, we combine 25 years of experience as a Master Driver in the Army with 25 years of Commercial Transport management. We understand what it takes to be a Transport Manager in today’s high paced, pressurised transport environment. Our company has experience in testing HGV and PVC drivers and can provide full compliance internal audits. Such experience in the transport industry enables us to provide high quality training courses relating to Driver CPC, Transport Management and compliance with industry regulations.




Why Choose Island Transport Consultants?


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 Maintaining High Standards 

Our central principle is ‘Excellence Through Knowledge’. We provide training and support that enables companies and drivers to meet our own extremely high standards. Along with all of the necessary checks for ensuring legal compliance, we go the extra mile to ensure that you and your company has all the tools to run efficiently.


 Highly Professional Service 

We have a combined 50 years’ experience of working within the transport industry, we know what it takes to operate effectively under the current legislation. All courses are carefully structured to meet both the needs of you and your company and encourage the continued development of candidates. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and are enthusiastic about what we do, constantly monitoring our own performance to ensure that you get the best we can give. If you are looking to optimise performance at your company, get in contact with Island Transport Consultants.


 Flexible to Your Demands 

We deliver both seven-hour and 35-hour Driver CPC courses either at a central location or at company premises. Transport Management courses can be delivered either on the Isle of Wight or in Hampshire. We provide training on your site or can set up a temporary location that is convenient and can cater for individuals and groups of up to 20 people on each course.

These courses are mandatory and therefore can be viewed by drivers as an inconvenience, but we have a different outlook, viewing them as an opportunity to learn, improve and develop. We involve and interact with all our drivers with the aim of promoting good knowledge, skills and giving them the tools that they need for continued personal development. Our drivers enjoy the course we present and have some fun at the same time – the best way to improve their knowledge.


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Driver CPC in Isle of Wight and Hampshire




At Island Transport Consultants, we take pride in the standards that we set for ourselves and our clients, so if you require expert Transport Management courses or Driver CPC on the Isle of Wight, or Hampshire, get in contact with us.



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